When you call, these guys answer. Seriously.

Meet Neptune’s Founders and phone operators.

At the helm of our ship are Jon and Andrew, powered by nearly two decades of combined experience navigating the intricate and ever-changing waterways of the eCommerce world. They share the same love for their work, and the same belief that when a business treats it’s people with respect—only then will it be truly successful.

Jon Ellis

Over the course of his career Jon has single-handedly launched and managed many private-label products, building their listings from scratch. He’s done it all with a get-it-done attitude, conquering everything from photography to design, title optimization, SEO and keywords to analytics and research. He could go on, but his humility won’t let him.

Andrew Tripp

Going on five years as a third-party Amazon seller, Andrew has found his niche. His friends even call him “Amazon Drew.” Okay…they don’t call him that, but based on his skill and passion for the trade, they should consider it. In all seriousness, his favorite part about the gig? Helping others grow and meet their goals. And the freedom for the occasional adventure.

Neptune’s North Star

When it comes to selling on Amazon, we’ve seen the struggles, the scams and the downright strange. What guides us is the dedication to guide you through all of it.  

Everything we do is rooted in building beneficial relationships. That’s why we don’t charge upfront, and why Andrew and Jon connect with you directly. It’s why Neptune has plans to be 100% employee-owned. 

Whether you sell truckloads of storage solutions across the globe, or jars of pickles for a small community of pickle-fanatics—Neptune is your partner. Your goals are our goals.

We’re here to help. Let us know how.